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Whey Isolaat

Are you a serious athlete who likes to get the most out of your dietary supplements, or are you looking for a pure way to meet your protein needs? Then Whey Isolate is perfect for you. XXL Nutrition's Whey Isolate has the highest possible purity, resulting in a high protein percentage and low lactose content. This also means that it dissolves very well, and a shaker bottle is not even necessary to make a smooth shake.


Pure proteins


Because we only use the purest whey, Whey Isolate contains an unprecedented protein percentage of up to 89%*. This whey isolate is produced using cold cross-flow microfiltration, preserving the natural structure of the proteins and maximizing absorption by the body. This keeps the protein content as high as possible, rich in BCAAs, and low in fat and carbohydrates. Additionally, Whey Isolate has been measured to contain only 0.8% lactose in various lab tests, making it virtually lactose-free.

Whey Isolaat


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