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Whey Delicious

Introducing Whey Delicious; according to many users, the tastiest protein shake on the market! Whey Delicious is packed with high-quality whey proteins, BCAAs, and glutamine, and with a protein percentage of 80%, you can easily achieve a high protein intake. We have also managed to create a protein shake that is so delicious that you'll want to drink it all day long, without the use of added sugars and only a small amount of sweeteners (0.17%).


Europe's most popular whey protein


Despite the focus on fantastic taste during the development of Whey Delicious, we have not compromised on nutritional values. Therefore, you can be sure that each protein shake contains a whopping 22 grams of high-quality proteins, as well as providing the necessary levels of glutamine and BCAAs. Whey Delicious has also been found to meet all requirements in various tests, such as those conducted by the independent Supplementenlab.

Whey Delicious


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