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PTS MTEK Flux Black helmet

The PTS MTEK Flux Black helmet is designed not only for practicality but also with careful attention to ergonomics, ensuring both functionality and comfort for extended wear.




  • Lightweight and Customizable Fit: Weighing approximately 980 grams, this helmet is lightweight. The movable foam inserts allow for a customized interior fit, minimizing pressure points and maximizing comfort during prolonged use.
  • Stable and Versatile Design: The adjustable chin strap system ensures stability, even when accessories are mounted, keeping the helmet securely in place. The helmet's shape provides ample space for wearing a tactical vest or plate carrier comfortably, making it compatible with most communication sets, eye protection, and half masks.
  • Enhanced Functionality: The shell features accessory rails with M-LOK slots and a NVG (night vision goggles) holder on the forehead, providing versatility for attaching additional equipment. Additionally, it includes a convenient Velcro system and elastic bands for added functionality, ensuring ease of use in various tactical situations.


Delivery time: 3-5 working days

PTS MTEK Flux Black helmet


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