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Night Protein

Night Protein from XXL Nutrition contains pure micellar casein. No other fillers or types of protein, just pure casein protein. The main characteristic of casein protein is its slow absorption rate throughout the night. With a protein content of up to 88%, you can supply your muscles with protein during the night. Available in 9 delicious flavors, virtually lactose- and fat-free, and without the use of aspartame.


The difference between whey and casein


Both whey and casein proteins are by-products remaining from the production of cheese. Whey is the 'liquid' that remains, and when you filter the whey, you are left with the protein powders as many are familiar with. These proteins provide for a rapid amino acid release, allowing the proteins to be quickly absorbed by the body. Casein is the product that remains at the end of the process and is therefore much thicker in texture, making casein shakes much fuller and creamier. Casein protein contains slow-digesting proteins; because it can take several hours for these to be absorbed by the body, this product is ideal for use before bedtime.

Night Protein


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