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Natural Gold Whey

Natural Gold Whey protein shake is designed for every athlete who settles for nothing but the very best. No expense has been spared on any ingredient so that we can provide you with the absolute top of protein powders - you won't find anything better! Only the highest quality Whey Hydrolysate & Whey Isolate have been used, both known for their extreme purity and high biological availability. Together with the pre-digestion process that whey hydrolysate undergoes, this means that there is no better protein source available for your body. It's no wonder that both products have been used by athletes at the highest level for decades. Now, you'll find them combined in one successful formula!


100% Natural


During the development process of Natural Gold Whey, we not only aimed for the highest possible quality. Additionally, it was also our priority to use only 100% natural ingredients. In Natural Gold Whey, you will not find any artificial sweeteners, colorants, flavorings, or other additives. Only nutrients as you would find them pure in nature!

Natural Gold Whey


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