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Magnesium Citraat - 200MG 100 Tabs

Magnesium is available nowadays in numerous different forms, ranging from magnesium tablets to magnesium pills or even magnesium oil. However, as a dedicated athlete, you want to ensure that you're getting the highest possible quality. That's where XXL Nutrition's Magnesium Citrate comes in handy. These high-dose tablets contain a whopping 200 mg each, making it easy to reach the right amount. Because only citrate is used, the tablets are quickly absorbed by the body. Our body uses magnesium for the formation of bones and muscles, making Magnesium Citrate recommended for anyone adopting a healthy and sporty lifestyle.


Prevent magnesium deficiency


Magnesium is a nutrient that is also present in our basic diet and is therefore not on the doping list. You can find magnesium in grains, vegetables, dairy products, nuts, and meat, among other sources. However, achieving the required amount from basic nutrition requires a very balanced diet. That's why a supplement comes in handy. Besides being beneficial for muscle function, protein synthesis, and maintaining strong bones, magnesium is also good for concentration.

Magnesium Citraat - 200MG 100 Tabs


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