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Iron - 60 veggiecaps

Iron is a mineral that is essential for anyone with an active and sporty lifestyle. You can find it in various foods including green leafy vegetables, meat, fish, grains, legumes, and nuts. Because the iron requirement of athletes is often a bit higher, it requires a very balanced diet to get enough iron through basic nutrition. That's why XXL Nutrition introduces Iron in capsule form! 1 capsule contains a whopping 5 mg of pure iron so you can easily meet your daily needs. XXL Nutrition's Iron also contains 20 mg of Vitamin C, allowing the iron to be optimally absorbed by the body.


The benefits of Iron


Iron is not only strong as a metal, but the effects of iron consumption are also remarkable. Iron helps release energy from food, is important for energy metabolism, and supports energy metabolism. It's no wonder that Popeye had a good dose of energy after eating his beloved spinach (and thus iron).

Iron - 60 veggiecaps


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