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HikMicro Habrok HQ35L Thermal Imaging Binoculars

Innovatively designed for versatile day and night observation.


Key Features:


  • Dual Modules:

    • Optical: 2560x1440p, 31 mm lens, 2.9-23.2x magnification, 24.4x13.6m FOV at 100m
    • Thermal: 640x512p, 12 µm, ≤20 mK, 35 mm lens, 3-24x magnification, 1800m detection, 22x17.6m FOV at 100m
  • IR Illuminator: 850 nm, adjustable angle

  • Display: OLED, 1920x1080p

  • Design: Magnesium alloy, IP67, 780g

  • Battery: 6 hours, replaceable Li-ion

  • Viewing Modes: Day, Night, Auto, Black Hot, White Hot, Red Hot, Fusion

  • Features: LRF up to 1000m, focus adjustment, photo/video recording, 64 GB storage, intuitive controls

  • Connectivity: USB Type-C


Delivery Time: 3 to 5 working days


Why Choose HikMicro Habrok HQ35L?

Versatile, robust, and lightweight with sharp images, long battery life, and easy controls.

HikMicro Habrok HQ35L Thermal Imaging Binoculars


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