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HikMicro Cheetah LRF 940 nm IR Night Vision Monocular

Unparalleled versatility and performance for outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, and security professionals.




  • Magnification:

    • 2.7-21.6x Magnification: Offers a digital zoom in four steps (1x, 2x, 4x, and 8x) for enhanced viewing capabilities.
    • Rapid Zeroing: Ensures quick zeroing with the zoom & freeze function. Aim, shoot, adjust, and re-aim by moving the reticle to the point of impact for swift zeroing.
  • Versatile Modes:

    • Four Modes: Day, Night, Automatic, and Mist.
    • Innovative Mist Mode: Enhances infrared detection under misty conditions, extending visibility.
  • Advanced Imaging:

    • High-Resolution Sensor: 2560x1440 UHD sensor with a detection range of 350 meters.
    • OLED Display: 1920x1080 resolution with a 25 Hz frame rate for detailed and smooth imagery.
    • Infrared Lamp: 940 nm IR lamp reduces IR visibility to wildlife while providing detailed imagery.
  • Built-in Laser Rangefinder:

    • Precise Distance Measurement: Measures distances from 10 meters to 1 kilometer with 4% accuracy at the press of a button.
  • Battery and Memory:

    • Rechargeable Battery: Supports continuous operation with a rechargeable battery and USB-C connection.
    • Internal Memory: 64 GB for capturing images (photos and videos) and sound.
    • Recoil Activation: Supports automatic recording upon firearm recoil.


Delivery time: 3 to 5 working days

HikMicro Cheetah LRF 940 nm IR Night Vision Monocular


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