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Diet Shake

Diet Shake is recommended for individuals who want to diet effectively and responsibly. It contains only high-quality proteins and carbohydrates, supplemented with green tea extract, CLA, and pure L-Carnitine. This composition provides you with a very convenient and complete meal replacement. While many similar diet products fail to provide your body with what it needs, Diet Shake offers a balanced mix of nutrients. And what about the carbohydrates in Diet Shake? We use no refined sugars, but pure buckwheat flakes and oats. And the proteins? Only pure whey, milk protein, and soy isolate, ensuring that each shake provides you with a complete and balanced profile of amino acids.


Additionally, Diet Shake is fortified with a comprehensive vitamin and mineral complex to provide your body with as many essential nutrients as possible! Consider the following:


  • Vitamin B12 promotes energy metabolism and activates natural energy in the body.
  • Iodine is good for the thyroid and helps release energy from food.
  • Magnesium helps in building body protein and has a beneficial effect on reducing fatigue and tiredness.
  • Vitamin D plays a role in maintaining strong muscles and helps the immune system.
  • Vitamin C supports energy levels and helps protect healthy body cells. ...and much more!

Diet Shake


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