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copy of Radio Pouch Amomax Universal

The Radio Pouch Amomax Universal is a versatile accessory designed to securely hold and protect communication devices in tactical environments. Whether you're in the field, on a mission, or engaging in training exercises, this pouch offers a reliable solution for keeping your radio or similar devices easily accessible yet well-protected.




  • Adjustable Design: Features an adjustable design that accommodates a wide range of radio sizes and shapes, ensuring compatibility with various communication devices commonly used in tactical operations.
  • Secure Fastening: Equipped with a durable buckle or Velcro closure, the pouch provides a secure and snug fit for your radio, preventing it from slipping or falling out during movement or vigorous activity.
  • MOLLE Compatibility: Designed with MOLLE attachments, this pouch easily integrates into your existing gear setup. Conveniently attach it to vests, belts, backpacks, or other MOLLE-compatible platforms for customized loadout configuration.


Delivery time: 1-3 working days

copy of Radio Pouch Amomax Universal


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