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combat knife recon 10

Introducing the Recon 10 Inch Combat Knife, a tactical and versatile solution for those who demand reliability and performance in every situation. Crafted entirely from durable metal, this combat knife ensures longevity and resilience, whether used in survival situations, tactical missions, or outdoor adventures. The knife features a robust nylon handle for a secure and comfortable grip, and it comes with a protective nylon cover, ensuring safe transport and storage when not in use.




  • Metal Blade: The 10-inch blade is crafted from 100% metal, offering exceptional durability and sharpness, ensuring it remains reliable even in the most challenging situations.
  • Robust Design: Engineered to endure the toughest environments and scenarios, this knife is built to withstand the rigors of wilderness adventures and tactical missions.
  • Nylon Handle: Provides a secure and comfortable grip, enhancing control and stability during use.
  • Protective Cover: Comes with a nylon cover for safe transport and storage, maintaining the blade's integrity and preventing accidents.


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combat knife recon 10

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