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BCB fire dragon 200GR

Meet Firedragon, the revolutionary, environmentally friendly, and waterproof solid cooking fuel, designed to meet your outdoor cooking needs in all weather conditions. This lightweight fuel is your ideal companion whether you need to light fires, cook food, or boil water, delivering a quick and easy ignition even when wet. It's a blend of convenience and efficiency, being odorless and non-toxic, assuring a clean burn, making it a preferred choice for eco-conscious users. With Firedragon, experience the freedom to cook anywhere, under any condition, with minimal environmental impact.




  • All-Weather Utility: Waterproof nature allows use in various weather conditions, ensuring reliable heat even when wet.
  • Environmental Consideration: Eco-friendly and non-toxic features make it a responsible choice for outdoor cooking, leaving minimal environmental footprint.


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BCB fire dragon 200GR

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