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All Day Protein

All Day Protein is specially formulated to contribute to your protein needs at any time of the day. By utilizing 6 different protein sources, each serving contains a perfect blend of milk, whey, and egg proteins. So whether you want to recover after a workout, enjoy a tasty snack, or complete your protein intake just before bedtime, you can do it all with All Day Protein.


For every moment of the day


Due to the use of various protein sources, All Day Protein offers a unique blend of proteins. The product consists of 50% whey proteins (concentrate, isolate, and hydrolysate) for rapid delivery of proteins to your muscles. 30% consists of casein protein (micellar and calcium), making it suitable for consumption just before bedtime. 15% consists of egg protein (albumin), and finally, 5% consists of glutamine peptides. With this unique composition, we have developed the perfect all-around protein shake.

All Day Protein


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